Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We're still here!!

sorry! it's been a LOOOOOOONG while :) almost 3 weeks. In little man time, that's a third of his life.

We have been working HARD on his schedule and have made SUPER progress.
2 months old!!!

Little man
He's 9 weeks and 5 days old!!
We haven't weighed in since his 1 month ped appointment- but we go to the doctor tomorrow, so I will update at 10 weeks!
We will also learn how long he is, but he's been growing like a weed. We are already in the 3-6 month clothes.
This week we walked down to the store and went shopping.

So after depressing over my lack of weight loss, I pulled out a old "eat clean" diet cookbook and vowed to do it for 10 days. I lost 1 pound. 1 freaking pound. I was less than pleased.
I have given up on weight loss and decided on a new course:
Cardio 3x
Yoga 1-2x
No exercise 1x

and modified clean eating. so far so good. I actually lost 2 pounds! and now I am down 17 pounds and have ~5-7 to go.  I would really like to get down another 10 beyond that, but I would just be happy getting back into my jeans :)

I have to go back to work in three very VERY short weeks. ugh I am dreading it. I need to figure out what clothes fit and what don't fit.

Friday, July 10, 2015

7 weeks :)

Little man is over 1.5 months old! time is flying. We have been pretty hectic lately so I missed a few postings :( bad momma

at his 1 month check up little man:
10 pounds (up 4 from birth)
22 inches long (up 2 from birth)
15 inches head (up 3 from birth)

We have had a few regressions with his reflux and dairy but I think we are getting it under control! No dairy and little man is on prevacid for his reflux. Our insurance mega sucks so we've been doing a ghetto method with adult pills and apple juice.

sleep is good sometimes and bad sometimes.
Still at the same damn weight. kinda upset that I am still 10-13 pounds up. I would love to just see the scale budge a tiny bit :( very frustrating.

We are working on the baby-wise sleep method. I feel like we are slightly behind- at 6.5/7 weeks he is barely sleeping 5 hours at night. Here is our tentative schedule plan:

night 11:30 PM
early morning 5 AM
morning 8:30 AM
early afternoon 12 PM
afternoon 3 PM
early evening 6 PM
evening 8 PM

That is pretty on par with baby-wise. I think our eventual goal is to remove the 5am feeding. We are currently on day 3 of the schedule. We are trying to follow the wake-feed-play-nap schedule. It didn't work so smooth yesterday, but we were great on Wednesday and so far so good today.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

1 Month!!!

again, I am a little late.. we should just accept that I will most likely do these posts well after the actual time. :)
so Charlie-man turned 4 weeks old Friday, June 19th and a month old Monday, June 22 :)

1 Month Recap:
Weight: Gained 4 pounds
Went to: dog park, doctor, grocery, home depot, target, Nanna and Pop's house
Features: skeptical look, giggles and disgusted sound
Sleeping: if we're not gassy, we sleep 9pm-1/2am-5am-7am! Momma gets some good sleep
Eating: on average we eat 27oz per day with a boobs at night

We just started seeing things and are very interested in the world. We love to pull on daddy's glasses, momma's necklace and anything else within our reach. We still love the wubbanub and hate being cold.

We spend most of our days snuggling momma and plotting ways to keep her next to me.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


So Charlie-man is 3.5 weeks old now! Time is flying
This last week was pretty rough. Charlie got super gassy and fussy - hubster and I were at our wits end.  The pediatrician said it sounded like a milk-allergy and for me to cut out all dairy. All I eat is dairy :( That solved it though. Charlie is back to normal!

9 pounds :) little man eats very well!!
Eating: 3-5oz per sitting to a total of ~25-30oz per day! no wonder little chunk is putting on the weight!
Sleeping: we had a rough patch with the milk allergy, but the last 2 nights are back to normal. I go to sleep around 9ish and hubby feeds Charlie around 11pm and 2am, then I feed him around 4:30am and 8ish. I get 2 solid 4+ hour blocks of sleep. it's amazing.

  • "walg"- walk/jog in stroller
  • staying home with daddy ALONE for 2+ hours
  • trip to home depot

I gained 2 pounds this week. I haven't been able to work out and haven't been sleeping. None of these are good for my waist-line. ugh. I have about 15 pounds to lose now- super depressing. I don't even want to work out.

I will make a post soon on first month baby survival gear. There were definitely things that we needed to survive these last few weeks. I cannot believe my handsome little man is almost a month old.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

2 weeks post partum

So, it's actually 2.5 weeks.. lol. like you're surpised at my punctuality. 

Officially almost 8 pounds!
We survived growth spurt #1- it lasted from 8 days old to 11 days old. I thought we were all going to turn into Jack Nicholson from the Shining.

crazy eyes anyone?

after the spurt was finished little man has gone from 6 pounds something to 7 pounds. That atleast made it feel a little worth it. 

We are officially out of newborn diapers and now into size 1. We have some leaking issues with every brand we have tried- Charlie has daddy's chicken legs. :)

1) Eating- little man eats 2-5oz per session (every 1-3 hours). he's an eating machine. hence the weight gain. 
2) Sleeping- I get to sleep 9pm to 4am every night. it's pretty good. sometimes I get to go back to sleep from 4:30-8ish. As we enter the 18 day old growth spurt I see that not happening. :(
3) Firsts-

  • walk around the park
  • doctor visit
  • trip to Pop and Nanna's house
  • bath (oh did that go bad. REALLY bad.)

Recovery is going well :) I can pee without it stinging! victory. stitches are still in there though. I want to get back into a workout routine.
I am down 15 pounds, still have ~10 to lose. they are coming off slow and I am STARVING all the time.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Hospital Bag

so I always saw these posts while pregnant "What do you need for the hospital" and I did a TON of research to make sure I had everything I needed. Most of the posts put what they packed and then what they actually used. I generated my pack-list based on what they used and still had WAY too much.

Disclaimer: I am a minimalist, who likes to pack as little as possible and refuses to carry a purse most of the time ;)

What do you need at the hospital?
1) flip flops/ easy on off shoes. flip flops are great since you can wear them in the shower too.
2) shampoo/conditioner/soap. my hospital room only had "body/face" soap.
3) robe. I brought a light weight robe for walking around for some modesty.
4) cell phone/ charger
5) granola bars
6) tooth brush/tooth paste/deodorant
7) hair brush
8) something to wear home and something for baby to wear home
9) carseat on take-home day

What did my hospital provide? (that I remember using)
1) water bottle
2) mesh undies- yeah they get mocked, but they are comfy, hold up the giant pads and you throw them away
3) GIANT pads, ice pads, absorbent packs etc
4) pillows out the wazoo (you can double stuff the cases if you want)
5) hair dryer
6) all things for baby (diapers, wipes, Vaseline, gauze, clothes, pacifier, blankets)
7) all things for breast pumping
8) night mask
9) ear plugs
10) towels
11) meals and snacks
12) any medications
(13- they also provided toothbrush and toothpaste but I am particular to my own)

Friday, May 29, 2015

1 week down, a million to go :)

Charlie-man is a week old!! I cannot believe it.

Momma recovery:
1) things "down south" are healing. first few days were really, really rough- word of advice, get epifoam at the hospital & buy some dermaplast spray.
2) I can finally eat proteins!!
3) broccoli gives little man HORRIBLE gas
4) I'm down 8 pounds [edit: 14 pounds. 8 pounds to go for prepreg/post IVF weight.  Ideally, I would like to lose 10-13 more]. considering little man was 6 pounds I am a little bummed but my boobies are huge so maybe it evens out?
5) sleeping pretty well :)
6) I am still living in sweat pants lol too afraid to try on my jeans

1) already back to birth weight
2) loves him wubbanub & mamaroo
3) First activities
  • car ride
  • grocery store visit
  • stroller ride (just around the neighborhood)
4) sleeping really well. I feed at 10pm & go to sleep. hubster feeds by bottle at midnight then I feed 4am, 6:30am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5/6ishpm, 8pm and we continue then next day. It seems to work really well for all of us.